Design a new build home in the Argyle countryside. Create spaces that facilitate the client's social interactions and make the most of view over the neighbouring loch.

Maximise the living space available, given existing planning consent for a 100sqm bungalow. 

Main Outcomes

A spacious and bright home, built into the side of a hill, with views overlooking the loch and surrounding countryside. Open plan spaces that facilitate hospitality.

The construction of this spacious home featured some innovative solutions. Achieved 2.5 levels on a plot originally given consent for a bungalow.

When Mr & Mrs Barlow originally approached Vellow Wood to design their country home in Argyle, their intended site had been given planning consent for a 100sqm bungalow.

Seeing that there was a desire for more space than this would allow, we developed proposals for 2 stories, built into the side of a hill, with the lower story on a subterranean level. The upper story was also given a mezzanine level, resulting in a 2.5 story home that met the main constraints of the original planning permission. 

Working closely with the client to understand the nature of their personal aesthetic and their desired lifestyle, we developed an contemporary, open-plan design to facilitate regular social gatherings and close contact with the surrounding countryside. 

Designed by Vellow Wood, the construction of this spacious home featured some innovative solutions: The subterranean level was built using ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork), which can be likened to Polystyrene lego bricks. Once filled, these form a concrete retaining wall. The result is a high degree of insulation and the process is relatively inexpensive when compared to standard methods.


The home is heated using a water source heat pump that draws heat from the neighbouring loch to warm the house. This is a more sustainable method than traditional gas boilers and also more energy efficient than similar ground source heat pumps