Sandringham Court



Develop proposals for upgrading and extending two apartment blocks, with due consideration for historical styling and commercial optimisation of space. 


Penthouse level added to each block, improving commercial value of site. Layout of existing apartments restyled to reflect contemporary living habits and augment the Developer's marketing story. 

Sandringham Court, in the affluent Glaswegian suburb of Newton Mearns, is comprised of two stunning 1930s Art Deco apartment blocks. Working in collaboration with the client, Kelvin Properties, and Rhubarb Blue, Vellow Wood created proposals to upgrade each block.

A primary goal of the project was improving the commercial value of the site by adding a penthouse level to each building and restructuring existing apartments to tie in with the marketing story of a luxury, contemporary lifestyle. 

Each apartment block was lifted from 12 to 16 flats by adding a set of 4 penthouse apartments to the top level. An extra staircase and lift were also introduced to create the more convenient access you would expect in a modern block of flats.


Having worked through and finalised the design, Vellow Wood and Rhubarb Blue took the project forward to create detailed drawings for construction. The building was completed in 2013, and in 2016 one of the new apartments set a Scottish record for most expensive penthouse, being sold for £1.3m.