Lonsdale Gait



Develop proposals for a terraced and semi-detached housing estate. Maximise potential commercial value without detracting from the living experience. 

Main Outcomes

A proposal for 16 homes, up from the original consent for 12. Planning applications and building warrants completed. 

Built on an old farm steading, Lonsdale Gait is a set of 16 terraced and semi-detached homes. The client, Sidon Ventures, originally had just 12 houses on their plans. Vellow Wood and Rhubarb Blue re-imagined the site layout in order to improve the commercial value, without detracting from the experience of living on the estate.

Having developed these proposals, Vellow Wood and Rhubarb Blue took the project through planning application stages and on to secure a building warrant. 

DevelopmentMatthew Macindoe