About Us


Vellow Wood's mission is to create beautiful and individual places, rich in detail, character and mystery.

Philip Benton founded Vellow Wood Architecture and Timber Frame with the aim of joining up home design and construction after finding the contemporary construction and design industries ill-equipped to match the richness of traditional design or to deliver buildings consistently and economically.

The name 'Vellow Wood' is taken from the place in Somerset where Benton's family originates, and represents the deep sense of home in each of our hearts.

Today, Vellow Wood is a growing company, working mostly in Scotland and south-east England in the self-build and property development sectors. We are passionate about making home and creating great living environments, and about designing fractally - where visual detail is celebrated at multiple scales.

From its inception Vellow Wood Timber Frame has worked in partnership with Romanian charity FAST (Foundation for Social Assistance and Youth), striving to create sustainable jobs, support economic development, and provide training in new skills among the marginalised Roma people group.

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