About Us

"Vellow Wood is all about creating unique and individual places

that bring peace to the people who use them."

We believe that every home should have character and depth, so we don't use a 'house style' or do off-the-shelf design. Instead we design fresh; each house to reflect our client's personality and lifestyle.

From a clean contemporary house that lets the outside in, to a crafted cottage using local colours and materials, or a re-envisioning of 1930s ocean-liner style, we aim for every home to be full of detail and natural warmth.

Vellow Wood is led and created by Philip Benton, who is passionate about how holistic and expressive design can enhance quality of life. The name 'Vellow Wood' is taken from the home in Somerset where Philip's family originates, and is chosen to symbolise the deep sense of home in each of our hearts.

Today, Vellow Wood has grown to work across Scotland and south-east England, designing self-build homes, alterations and property developments.

Alongside our architecture practice, Vellow Wood Timber Frame works to build timber frame homes for the UK market, working in partnership with Romanian charity FAST (Foundation for Social Assistance and Youth), striving to create sustainable jobs, support economic development, and provide training in new skills among the marginalised Roma people group.

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Philip Benton speaking at Q Commons. Click to watch.

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